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In Development: Paste Maker PRO II & Paste Maker PRO III

Attention Media:

Paste Maker PRO has been developed to provide EVERYONE an Affordable,
Simpler option, not available until now, and the opportunity to afford
a paste extruder and Enjoy the new world of paste making!

We have simplified & added many features, no others have,
to make the Paste Maker PRO a Permanent accessory of
your 3D Printer! No more hooking up and disconnecting!
Paste Maker PRO, is specifically designed to allow you
to plug it in, and be able to simply flip a switch to either
Paste Extrude or 3D Print!
It's Like Magic & a Breeze, compared to all the rest!

We believe the Biggest Feature is the Massive Volume
that Paste Maker PRO allows, so there is no more
running out of paste, in the middle of your print,
stopping, inserting another "60ml syringe",
and restarting, which can lead to print failure or
messed up prints!
Our 236ml Dispenser allows you to print almost anything
without interruption of the printing process!
As you all know, smooth and consistent printing is the
Key to a very successful print!
The tremendously large volume dispensing, also allows
you to print much larger prints, without interruption!

This New Revolutionary Design, is the wave of the future,
in Simple, Easy, Uninterrupted, Sucessful Paste Printing!

We have also incorporated the paste extruder into the 3D extruder
assembly, to allow for easy transition from Paste Extruding, to 3D Printing!

There is simply no other Paste Extruder on the market, that gives you the
Ease of Hookup, Ease of Paste Printing, like Paste Maker PRO does!

If you Compare the others on the market, you will see, as can be seen below,
that there simply is no comparison, not in the least, especially affordability!

One of our major goals, was to make this available so young kids, schools, and
working professionals could finally afford to buy a paste extruder, and
enjoy the same paste making fun as everyone else is!

We Succeeded & we are Proud to present Paste Maker PRO
to the whole World, interested in Paste Making!

Don't wait, compare, and you will Buy a Paste Maker PRO Today!

Click here to see the Comparisons to others on the market

If Media needs to contact us for higher resolution images and video:

Contact Us

Paste Maker PRO
PO Box 12726
El Cajon, CA 92022

Email: admin@pastemakerpro.com

Coming Soon: Paste Maker PRO II & Paste Maker PRO III

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