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In Development: Paste Maker PRO II & Paste Maker PRO III

Paste Maker PRO

You Decide!

Pre-Order Special
Normal Retail ONLY $699.00
Very light, non-metal cabinet
and inexpensive shipping cost!

Paste Maker PRO
Over 4X the Dispensing Volume
& Ease to setup!

Up to 4X the extruder,
as others, for less than 1/2
the price, and more!!

You Decide!

w/All Included Items
as seen in pic above
also comes with
3 feet of tubing

Unit comes almost completely assembled
No more struggling to assemble after purchase!

Retail $1299.00

Metal cabinet, heavier and more expensive shipping cost!

Retail 15,999.00 zl
$4385.571 USD
Double OUCH!

Much heavier and much
more expensive shipping cost!


The pricing on all accessories is
less expensive than the competition!
No need for
additional accessories!

You Decide!


for 60 ml Syringes
w/many accessories
or 236 ml canister
for only $39.00!?


899 Polish zlotys
$246.40 USD
half the price of the
entire Paste Maker PRO

Plug & Paste
Truly a simple Plug in and GO!
Unique Controller

allows you to switch from
Paste to 3D Printing
with one flip of a switch!

Discovery Doesn't have
a switchable controller,
and it's over 2 times the cost
of the Paste Maker PRO!
You Decide!
Has everything at
Retail 15,999.00 zl
$4385.571 USD
Double OUCH!

Integrated Paste Extruder
that mounts right to Most all existing
3D printer extruders!

Get Paste printing for the exact cost
you expect, not needing to buy
another 3D printer to do so!

Simply Disconnect paste delivery
line/nozzle, flip control
switch and 3D Print!
No Upsell Marketing EVER with
Paste Maker PRO!

Bundled with the UltiMaker Printer
which increases your cost considerably,
to over $2200.00!

Upsell Marketing at it's best!

Must change extruder heads for
different extruding applications.

Designed for EVERYONE:
Students, Schools, Culinary Institutes,
Bakers, Wives, Home makers, Professionals,
Grandma, Grandpa, EVERYONE,

Designed for:
Designed for:
Industry, or the elite,
that can afford very
expensive equipment
that is the very top notch!

So Easy, even Grandma can setup
and start pasting her pastries today!
Not as easy
to setup, operate and clean
as Paste Maker PRO,
and too expensive!!
Quite unique, and extensive
and it should be for
$4385.571 USD
Triple OUCH!

Paste Maker PRO, has been developed for the thoughtful, responsible,
consumer, that wants the best bang for their buck!
We believe that includes most of the average hard working people in the world,
minus those who just have to have the most expensive equipment,
regardless of functionality!

You have seen the side by side comparions...
it's Not Hard to Decide after you see them side by side!

Don't Wait!
Buy Now!

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